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From the need to support myself while traveling, I fell into the rock business.  I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Before that, I had never much thought about rocks, but once seeing what the mineral kingdom had to offer, I was hooked.

With the help from a lapidary friend, I cut my first stone.  I love that I can capture the stone's natural beauty in a wearable piece of artwork.  As I work with crystals, I continue to learn how to listen to them.  They help guide me to showcase their inner nature.  I feel fortunate to be living a life where I get to thrive through a distinct artistic relationship with a life-force that is millions of years older than myself.


Another guiding force to my creativity is music, which has always been a great inspiration in my life.  While I love all music, most of my Crystal Creations have been created while listening to Melodic Danceable Beats (a.k.a. Tronic).  I love the constant evolution of music and I let it influence me to do my best at whatever the task.


I am determined to continue seeking excellence while finding great magic in this life.



I have been passionate about crystals and their healing properties for many years now.  In 2012, I found the perfect outlet for my creative energy, while being able to play a part in spreading crystal medicine.  Wire wrapping has been my favorite past-time ever since.

My goal is to accent the stone and capture it in a beautiful setting while letting the stone speak for itself.


All wire wrapped pieces contain 93.5% Argentium Sterling Silver, (which is Sterling Silver with a protective coating to help with tarnishing).

Clay Collins currently resides in Northern Arizona with his girlfriend, Deborah Leigh Givens, and their dog Presley.


1.  unique, out of the ordinary, special, one-of-a-kind

2.  impressive, off the hook!

3.  in a state of constant evolution, being on the cutting edge

tron-ic life:

1.  to love, to dance, to create, to have fun

2.  being excited and determined to suceed in life, while being

     unique and true to yourself

3.  to believe in the magic that life has to offer

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